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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  June 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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and what if anything she knew about the attack that killed 49 people and wounded dozens of others.>> adam longo is live in orlando with the latest on the investigation.>> reporter: good evening and another trying 24 hours for this orlando community. 24 hours to come together and cope and deal with the enormity of the tragedy and also 24 hours to look forward and try to figure out what it means and how they will be able to ultimately move past it. from the investigative aspect, it has been 24 hours that is been extremely busy from local and federal law enforcement officials still off the road at the pulse nightclub continuing to painstakingly go through the club looking for details. they have security surveillance from outside the club. investigators are solely focusing in on the shooter omar mateen's family and at this
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charging anyone else. there are now reports that omar mateen's wife tried to stop her husband from committing the attack. the fbi twice interviewed noor salman who said her husband was radicalized in the last year and said they visited disney world in april but it was just a family outing and not as law enforcement sources have said a research trip for a possible target. before the three-hour standoff ended in a hail of gunfire mateen called 911 and pledged his support to the islamic state. patience carter was a hostage inside the club after mehmet teen shot her in both legs. >> he entered the bathroom and was shooting his machine gun. we were all scrambling in the bathroom screaming at the top of our lungs.>> reporter: the fbi has mateen's phone and will try to use it to see
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visited the club before. investigators haven't ruled out charging anyone else who had advance knowledge of the attack. at a public memorial in orlando people coming to pay tribute and to mourn all of those who lost their lives. >> it's so sad. it makes you feel extremely sad. >> reporter: several battles playing out across orlando and orange county today. from law enforcement the battle to find out if anyone else had knowledge of this or who was responsible. a battle taking place inside orlando regional medical center and several victims battling for their lives. another battle playing out on the campaign trail. escalating the rhetoric to radically, donald trump hitting first that president obama but earlier this afternoon the president strikes back. >> president obama delivered a statement this afternoon after meeting with top advisers on counterterrorism and the first 13 minutes
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attack in orlando and the ongoing attack against isis and then the next minute -- eight minutes the tone shifted. >> let me make a final point. >> reporter: president obama allowed the country to see aside he rarely shows. barely containing his anger at the republican party's insistence he used the term radical islam. >> that's the key they tell us. we can't beat isis alyssa call the radical islamists. what exactly would using this label accomplish? what exactly would it change? calling a threat by a different name does not make it go away. this is a political distraction . if there is anyone out there who thinks we are confused about who our enemies are too
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the president pivoted to hammer donald trump's proposed ban on muslims entering the united states calling it an isis recruiting tool and the top of a slippery slope towards open discrimination against american muslims. >> it makes muslim americans billick the government is betraying them. if betrays the very values america stands for. >> reporter: in the preview of the attacks that will follow this fall hillary clinton echo the president in pennsylvania. >> in the end it didn't matter what we called osama bin laden. it mattered that we got osama bin laden. >> reporter: in an interview with the associated press donald trump responded stopping short of accusing the president of the united states of treason saying he claims to know our enemy and continues to prioritize our enemy over our ally and for that matter the american people. and that's at least the second time in as many days that trump has accused president obama a sympathizing with terrorists
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and absolutely extraordinary claim on which he is yet to be challenged and which no elected republican has publicly said supported. wusa nine. >> as we get closer to november we can expect the rhetoric to increase in severity. president obama scheduled to visit here in orlando thursday. a presidential visit comes with an entirely new set of challenges for law enforcement in orlando. i had a chance to speak with the orange county sheriff's office today about what is involved logistically with a presidential visit. having lived in orlando for 5 years i can tell you i covered up number of presidential visits. it's a very swing area and the president visited here a lot. 26 vehicles in the motorcade and the president requires logistical support, and traffic sut
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are well prepared despite how the incident has taxed them in orlando. look at some video from the press conference at the hospital earlier today. we heard not only from doctors and a patient, a first-person victim of the tragic shooting, but we also learned 44 patients were admitted here and 27 of them are still here. six are in critical condition. i like to bring in my colleague andrea mccarren to continue live wusa nine team coverage outside the emergency room at orlando health. >> survivors who spoke today offered up our first glimpse of what really happened inside pulse nightclub and it heartbreaking detail they talked about not knowing if they would live or die. >> definitely yes, i thought it was going to be it and i consider myself very lucky to be here. >> survivors of the massacre shared harrowing deta
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resignation that death might be moments away. >> when the gunfire kept going and we heard it getting louder and closer he did think to myself this is really happening in this probably is it for me. >> i look over and he shoots the gun next to me. i am they're laying down and thinking i'm next and i am dead. >> shot five times angel colon lay still and watch the gunmen fire multiple rounds into his victims trying to make sure they would die. >> i don't know how but by the glory of god he shoots towards my head but it hits my hand. then he shoots me again and it hit the side of my hip. >> we ask you in jesus name amen. >> the massacre impacted people well beyond those directly affected. >> it hit me very hard. very hard. >> reporter: phyllis has two
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caissons including brian who came all the way from chicago. >> i told him while you are here if you go out anywhere first to check to make sure there is an exit door. find an exit spot before you go anywhere. >> the stories of survival are inspiring orlando, a community shattered but not defeated. >> nothing like this can keep us down. we are americans. >> we want them to know how much we love them and we are here for them. we will try to find ways to help. >> people are finding all kinds of ways to help. we met two women who couldn't sit on the sidelines so they came up with something unique to offer to strangers. coming up at 7:00 we will tell you all about what it is. until then reporting live from orlando andrea mccarren wusa nine.
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a selfless hero is how a dc resident is remembering his close friend of one of the victims killed in the orlando nightclub shooting. he has known edward sotomayor jr. for 12 years and was told by friends that he texted his partner to keep him out of the club when the gunfire broke out. other reports from florida say so to mayor was shot in the back as he was shielding his partner from the gunfire. chad described them as protective, selfless, energetic and love life and the people in it. >> when i had doubts about going on my own of becoming a full-time performer he was the first voice to say you can do this. he's a really good guy. a really good friend. offer something stupid. he didn't deserve that. they didn't deserve that. >> chad said sotomayer was supposed to be in dc for the pride parade
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florida. breaking news out of fairfax county were a tour bus overturned on the george washington parkway. it happened south of stratford lane and close to george washington mt. vernon home. latest information we have is one person has died, two have life-threatening injuries and four others have serious injuries. all the lanes of the parkway remain close at this time and we have a crew heading to the scene and hope to have a live report tonight at 7:00. coming up at 6:00 a man who pledged his allegiance to isis killed to paris police officers. the dnc
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the last democratic presidential primary taking place in the nation's capital today and a more closely watched races for ward 7 council seat for former mayor vincent gray attempting a comeback. challenging incumbent event alexander of former protigi and dc democrats voting for ward 4 and pulls in the city close at 8 pm tonight. there are also congressional primaries in virginia. for a voter's guide to the races download a free wusa9 app.
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was hacked by the russian government and the hackers got access to the committee's research on donald trump. dnc says it appears the hackers had access to the computer network for about a year. french police carrying out raids following a terror attack that killed a husband and wife were both police officials. apparently the attacker at -- stabbed the couple inside their home and then posted the video on facebook claiming allegis to isis. police stormed the house and killed the man. facebook is taken down the video. metro workers hit the street to give it's george's county riders a heads up about the next phase of the track closures. an expression of gratitude and missed a tragedy in orlando
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a powerful and poignant moment i captured at the exact spot where i'm standing. last night a 2-year-old boy and his mother presented florida state troopers with thank you notes they prepared for all the first responders at the scene. in the next hour on our
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join me live if you'd like to see the video and listen to it in its entirely it's on my facebook page now. social media played a huge role in this tragedy. not only for friends and family members to share about their loved ones but also as a chance for people to spread their thoughts and opinions about not only the shooting, the victims, the community, but things like gun control and crowd control and security. in the studio tonight we will cover that and ask your opinions and thoughts.>> this later shooting has been pushing people to speak up and some louder than they have been for. we asked for your opinions and ideas on facebook. we asked should all places of public gathering like nightclubs, bars, restaurants
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and movie theaters have metal detectors at the main point of entry? 67% say yes and 22% say no.
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developments in the orlando nightclub shooting, download our free wusa9 app. new concerns about the next part of metro's major safety makeover. >> prince george's county gets partially cut off from the rails in days and we have it explained how the pressure is on. >> reporter: james from it's george's county public works is rushing to get the word out. phase 2 start saturday. >> it will be a complete shutdown. the impact is going to be severe. >> reporter: for 16 days there will be no orange, blue and silver line service between prince george's county and dc. stadium armory and potomac avenue stations will shut down. writers have to get off the metro and take a bus. >> i think people should pay a lot more attention because i think metro did a really good job with letting us know
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they are about to make changes and they are changes that are overdue. >> reporter: during the morning rush half the trains will cross the county line. more marc train's are being added but even metro leaders say there are not enough alternatives.>> it's part of a commute. a commute is something that's never smooth. we do our best and get to work. >> reporter: the county is pushing people to take the bus from new carrollton to greenbelt and that wraps up monday. in prince george's county pete muntean wusa nine. >> phase 2 ends july 3 and a major impact to 61,000 weekday trips. >> hang on and that will be interesting. weather good today but interesting the rest of the week . we slowly go downhill starting tomorrow. closer to town thursday and everywhere friday. li look outside and spectacular. still 80 degrees humidity 32%. win some
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at seven. perfect for the nationals game and very nice for bus top 10 pitchers. some kids are still in school. what about wednesday? most dorms west of town. inside the beltway nothing. no yellow weather alert. thunderstorms possible thursday and wetter friday. that's the day with the yellow weather alert. 10:00 tonight clouds to the west and southwest temperatures low 70s. overnight clouds roll in and temperatures comfortable at 66 and maybe even 65 and bowie. 64 manassas and fairfax. 9:00 low 70s. lunchtime upper 70s. most hours west of i-280 one -- i-81. this time tomorrow showers and thunderstorms possible near hagerstown and west of fredericksburg. some showers beginning overnight but generally dry during the day tomorrow. no shortage of clouds and 80 degrees by 1:00. next n
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storms friday 76
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now wusa nine game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity.>> burgundy and gold back on the field for the final time before the grueling work of training camp begins next month. talked last few weeks jackson's absence from ota and
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veteran minicamp is mandatory and no surprise he's on the field with the team. he says he's been working out in california to be closer to home and the team says it's more helpful when he's with them. >> is a great player and a difference maker. we told him that and he knows that so when he's here our offense functions at its highest potential. >> is a big-time problem for defense and a big weapon for offense. every time he's on the field these helpful to the team. >> weather looks great to continue the matchup between two first-place teams at nationals park's. last night the nationals took the first game over the cubs but last time they met dosimetric "baywatch" bryce harper 13 types. last night they pitched to him again. this may be a prime series but for harbor it doesn't add extra pressure.>> can't look at the numborers anything like that. on any given day it's one ball me
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on any given day you can lose a ball game. >> the nationals need help because they place jonathan papelbon on the 15 day disabled list with a sprained right intercostal which is the muscle between the ribs. it's very painful and first trip to the dl so the dc strangler on the dl now.>> i like that. >> that's a great title.>> perfect tonight and a few showers tomorrow west of town a better chance thursday and even better friday. next weekend for dad mid 80s.
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